Worldwide Court Reporting and Videography

When the stakes are high, count on GregoryEdwards

It does not matter where you are – with a worldwide reach, you can always rely on the complete menu of GregoryEdwards’ court reporting services. GregoryEdwards is recognized as one of the premier reporting firms in the world. Not only are GregoryEdwards’ court reporters among the most technically proficient worldwide, but our court reporters’ level of accuracy sets the industry standard. In turn, this allows us to expertly provide same-day transcripts and surpass client expectations.

Our worldwide team of highly technical, experienced and professional court reporters can handle the rigors of complicated, highly technical litigation as well as proceedings of a more sensitive nature where security clearances may be required.

Because of the sophisticated nature by which GregoryEdwards selects its domestic and international court reporters, we are often requested to handle, in addition to domestic depositions, transcription for domestic and international arbitrations, international tribunals, federal hearings (telephonic and in person), international depositions, as well as transcription services of sensitive Fortune 500 meetings.

Without compromising the quality that your clients’ demands, we can provide the following worldwide services on a moment’s notice:
• Highly technical court reporters
• Sophisticated video and text streaming options
• Real-time and clean Rough-drafts

Accuracy and experience are essential to every case but can be mission-critical in extremely technical cases or in high-stakes litigation. Our professionals understand how their level of accuracy and attention to detail can affect the results. We only partner with the best resources when it comes to your translation and interpretation needs.