Virtual Deposition Services

When the stakes are high, count on GregoryEdwards

You may be working from home or in a hybrid environment now. GregoryEdwards is ready to support your remote deposition needs with our virtual deposition platform. We offer the full capabilities you’ve come to expect from our deposition services—with or without a Realtime feed. We’ll even handle the arrangements for any equipment your participants may need, like computers, monitors, or tablets.

With our platform, you can…

Avoid travel. You, your colleagues, and clients can easily connect remotely from your home or office.

Access depositions easily. Invited participants can attend your depositions and meetings online, often without downloading and installing additional software.

See the transcript. Attendees can follow along with the court reporter’s transcript in real-time.

View live video. You’ll participate in a remote conference with full audio and video for up to 300 participants.

Share exhibits. You can introduce, mark, and share electronic exhibits on your computer with the witness and opposing counsel.

Feel secure. Our platform offers encrypted communications and sharing, and it supports industry best practices to ensure that your virtual meeting rooms are private and secure.

GregoryEdwards is providing live, interactive demonstrations of our platform and training for taking depositions remotely. You can schedule a remote demonstration by calling (866) 483-2643 or by sending a request to