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Court Reporting

GregoryEdwards is recognized as one of the premier reporting firms in the world. Not only are GregoryEdwards’ court reporters among the most technically proficient worldwide, but our court reporters’ level of accuracy sets the industry standard. In turn, this allows us to expertly provide same-day transcripts and surpass client expectations. In addition, we always offer same day, two-day, five-day and 10-day delivery options as well.

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Trial and
Litigation Support

GregoryEdwards’ complex litigation consulting allows our clients to focus on substantive legal issues and core competencies while GregoryEdwards manages the rest. GregoryEdwards’ complex litigation consulting includes: Trial Exhibit Demonstratives, In Court Presentations, Graphic Design, Preparation of Trial Binders, ESI Experts, Experts, Focus Groups, Mock Trials, Jury Consultation

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Interpretation and
Transcription Services

Often times, state, federal, bankruptcy, and administrative hearings are audio-recorded. In addition, because audio and video recording capabilities are so readily-available on mobile devices, audio files are becoming more prevalent. GregoryEdwards will provide transcription for any type of audio and video file.

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War Room
Litigation Suite

Our War Room Conference Suite is conveniently located two blocks from the United States International Trade Commission in Washington, D.C. Our attorneys will have 24-hour access, conference space, breakout rooms, access to scanners and copiers, high speed and next generation quality WiFi and video teleconferencing on one of our several large screen televisions.

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Deposition Services

Whether you’re working from home or in some remote location, we’re ready to support your deposition needs. Our virtual deposition platform offers all the services you’ve come to expect from GregoryEdwards, including interactive video, exhibit sharing, and a live transcript feed.

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Success Stories

""I've been scheduling depositions with GregoryEdwards for the last 17 years. It's comforting to know that despite their tremendous growth, they continue to maintain their "client first" approach while always being accessible""

""Whenever I manage a JDL matter, we always use GregoryEdwards because of their expertise in managing the expedited delivery of transcripts and video files to the multiple parties involved.""

""As the lead patent litigation paralegal for several litigators, I am unable to spend time calling and emailing to reconfirm a scheduled court reporter. A representative from GregoryEdwards always confirms the date and time of every deposition within 24 hours, which allows me to focus on deposition preparation. In addition, our litigation team knows that GregoryEdwards' court reporters can always handle highly technical content involved in patent litigation.""

""GregoryEdwards is great to work with and has become an extension of my office. If we're ever in a bind or have an emergency, she always works her magic and secures a court reporter for us - no matter where or when the deposition takes place.""

""You're the best. You all really care. You always come through.""

""During and after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, GregoryEdwards sponsored a collection of water bottles and canned food for our local community and sent care packages to the families at our firm. Thank you.""

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