Litigation War Rooms and Trial Support

When the stakes are high, count on GregoryEdwards

In 2017, GregoryEdwards established the only highly-technical litigation support war room within steps of the nation’s most high-profile court houses. The Litigation Conference Suite and War Room is conveniently located less than two blocks from the United States International Trade Commission in Washington, D.C. and five blocks from the U.S. District and Appellate Courts in Washington, D.C.

GregoryEdwards believes that proximity to the USITC and other federal courts is one of the most important aspects of our war room, where our attorneys will have 24-hour access, conference space, breakout rooms, access to scanners and high-speed copiers and the next generation of high-quality Wi-Fi and video teleconferencing. This suite also offers catering service, direct telephone lines, Polycom speakerphones, convenient 24-hour parking and the option of installing your own dedicated server. With 24-hour security and video monitoring, your documents and technology are never at risk.

GregoryEdwards is also pleased offer conference room support in each of its offices as well as in many other locations worldwide.